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Transito is the study association for the Bachelor and Master program Urban, Port & Transport Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The association is completely organised by students and has the aim to offer a glance at the world behind the studies.

On this website you can find more information on Transito and our activities, as well as the latest news and business options related to Urban, Port and/or Transport Economics.

The Board
The board of Transito is selected by the previous board and includes the most ambitious and enthusiastic students of the UPT master program. This year the board consists of five members. The board is recruited in September of the new academic year. Learn more about the current board here and more about the open board positions here

Transito membership has a lot of benefits both for current UPTE students and alumni. We organize numerous social, study-related and business-related membership activities, with the annual international study trip as a highlight. You can sign up as a Transito member online by filling out the membership form. And it’s really cheap – only €12.50 a year!

New UPT students

To help you connect with other students and stay on top of things, make sure to connect to the UPT WhatsApp group. You can join using the link here!


Transito news


Meet our Partners

Meet our partners!



Check out several vacancies on our career page!


Meet the Professors

Meet the UPT professors!

Upcoming Transito events

UPTE 2023/2024  Take-off day
UPTE 2023/2024  Take-off day
05 Sept 2023, 15:00
Oostervantstraat 25
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